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ETTA clamp - Brief explanation and Advantages

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Endotracheal Tube Clamping Device (ETT)

What is the ETTA clamp?

The ETTAclamp is a new ETT (Endotracheal Tube) clamp device, made of medical grade POM (Polyoxymethylene) and Silver additive. This device is capable of a total and safe occlusion of the ETT for patients with high airborne infection risk.

How the ETTA clamp it Functions

The device is made of two distinct parts, the clamp itself and the holder or ring.

The holder will add more or less pressure depending on what position is set to secure the clamp, these variations being the different ETT sizes commonly used. The ETT passes through the ETTAclamp itself and the ring is adjusted according to the ETT size, keeping a secure hold to the clamp itself. For the intubation process, the ETTAclamp has a built in 5 mm grove to accommodate the guide within the ETT.

ETTA clamp – Advantages

- Uncompromised clamping of the Endotracheal Tube

- Enhanced contamination protection for the medical staff

- Doesn't interfere with intubation process: centre of gravity at the centre

- Does not interfere with vision during procedure

- No inadvertent release of the ETT (a high risk on its own)

- Compatible with 5mm conductors in case of difficult airways or pre hospital scenarios

- Covers over 4 different sizes if ETT

- Versatile and easy to use in any environment

- Less than 12g in weight

- Also available in paediatric version

More info:

Download PDF • 235KB

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